Blackhead JOMARTO Vacuum USB Rechargeable Tool Suction

Blackhead Remover Vacuum with 5 Probes, JOMARTO Blackhead removal tool Blackhead Vacuum-USB Rechargeable Face Vacuum Extractor Tool Pore Vacuum Cleanser Suction Tool-Suction Force for All Skin

Blackhead Remover Vacuum with 5 Probes, JOMARTO Blackhead removal tool


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  • Professional skin care tools : This product uses vacuum negative pressure to strongly absorbdirt , blackheads , pimples , cuticles , oils , etc in the pores , and it can also tighten the skin anddiminish fine lines , make the skin fair and smooth , and at the same time strengthen the skinsabsorption Sexual , make the essence beauty Liquid quickly absorbed
  • Pore Vacuum Probs : The oval-shaped beauty head is suitable for remove fine lines andpromote the blood circulation , Microcrystalline tip is gently remove dirt from rough epidermisand gaed horniness of the skin . The Big round hole beauty head is tighten V face and move onthe skin slowly , cleasing large areas of blackheads . Cosmetology beauty head for cleans upblackhead and acne grease , Small round hole and mini round hole head are suitable forvulnerable and sensitive skin
  • Multi-function : The instrument is equipped with 5 levels of adjustable suction and 6replaceable suction heads . The first level of suction is smaller than the fifth level of suction .The first suction should be adjusted from the smallest to the suction level suitable for yourskin . Choose the right gear and tip according to your needs . It can be charged by USB .
  • Meticulous Care : First , use a hot towel to apply hot compresses or use the export solution toopen the facial pores . Secondly , select the appropriate gear and suction head according to theneeds . It is recommended to use the smallest gear for the first use The beautician emphasizesAvoid applying excessive pressure on the skin , keep it for too long , and do not stay longer than2 seconds.
  • Attention Please : If you are not satisfied with our Blackhead Remover Vacuum and any otherproblem we will support full refund or replacement .


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Product Description

Professional Skin Care Tool Industry Standard&Meticulous Care

  • JOMARTO pore vacuum comes with 5 suction levels, its probe is made of high-quality microcrystalline material for safety.
  • The technology-leading vacuum pump is stable in suction during operation without worrying about damaging the skin.